Upholstery Tips

A carpet cleaners resource and guide to upholstery cleaning. Tips on wet & dry cleaning. Includes most leather types and how to identify.

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Velvet Upholstery Introduction Velvet upholstery can be made from several types of fibers. There are a few fibers that clean very easily. A short Olfin or acrylic cleans easily and requires almost no grooming. Velvets that are made from cotton or nylon require extensive grooming procedures and the higher the pile of the velvet the […]

Upholstered Wall

Upholstered Wall Introduction Upholstered walls take several forms. They may be done by gluing upholstered fabric directly to the walls, or by upholstering the walls with batting behind the fabric and only the edges are actually fastened to the wall. The possible variations are numerous so we will concentrate on principals that you should apply […]

Wool Upholstery

Wool Upholstery  Introduction Wool is not often found in upholstery. It is a warm fabric and can be uncomfortable next to skin. When you see wool upholstery fabric, it is generally in commercial settings such a professional offices. There are a few things that you need to be careful of when cleaning wool. Fiber Distortion […]


Silk Fabric Upholstery Introduction Silk is a very expensive and luxurious fiber and is typically found in upholstery of higher-end homes and hotels. By cleaning silk upholstery you are taking additional risk just by the value of the product, however the cleaning procedures are really no more complicated than for other fabrics. Cleaning problems to […]

Aniline Leather

Aniline Cleaning Introduction An Aniline leather will have a varied hue, will be soft, will scratch readily with a fingernail, will darken when Leather Cleaner is applied, and will dry clear after Leather Protector has been applied. Stains will often not be totally removed, and the lighter the color, the more they will likely show. […]

Upholstery Cleaning Training Series

Upholstery Cleaning Training Series is the first series in Legend Brands new training initiative: Cleaning with Confidence. This extensive training brought to you by industry leaders Pat Muller and Tim Baker combines good humor with excellent real-world training. Pat and Tim have a combined experience of over 70 years in this type of cleaning in […]


Cotton Upholstery Introduction: Cotton is one of the most versatile and often used fibers in upholstery manufacturing. It is used in its most unrefined state, Haitian cotton, and in its most refined for on polished cotton or chintz. As a rule of thumb we can say that the less the fabric is refined the more […]

Nubuck Leather

Basic Nubuck Cleaning Introduction A nubuck leather will have a varied hue, will be soft and will scratch readily with a fingernail. Complete stain removal may be more difficult on nubuck. The lighter the color, the more they will show. You need to watch for fading and evaluate the evenness of the nap of the […]


  Heirloom Upholstery Introduction The term Heirloom, when applied to upholstery, suggests several things that are important to consider before accepting such a cleaning job. VALUE – If the piece was not valuable, it would not have been kept enough to become an heirloom. AGE – The item has been passed down or purchased though […]