A carpet cleaners resource and guide to spotting. Tips on residential & commercial spot cleaning. Includes hard to remove Rust & Mustard stains.

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BioSolv Booster & Additive By ChemSpec

BioSolv Booster & Additive By ChemSpec   Biosolv is an citrus-fortified booster additive that lets you tackle the toughest soils, oils, stains and heavy greases. Biosolv uses the highest grade of d-Limonene to deliver superior performance. Rinses clear, leaving behind only a light, pleasant citrus fragrance. No other booster or additive can compare in performance […]


Spotting – Gum Chewing gum can create a sticky mess on tables or in carpets! These tips will help carpet cleaners remove it quickly. For a few spots, use a GumGetter, Gel Break or GumBreak. For large amounts, use a GumBlaster wand if you have a truckmount which generates heat over 170 degrees F. The […]

Lipstick Removal

Lipstick Removal Tips JULY 29th National Lipstick Day 2019 National Lipstick Day 2019 means free cosmetics for everyone. Lipstick may have started as crushed red rocks, but it’s changed a lot since then. A modern tube of lipstick contains lots of ingredients intended to improve shade, taste, scent and performance. Some also feature sun protection, […]

Melted Wax

Spotting – Melted Wax Introduction The following will work for melted wax from candles, crayons, and paraffin.   Procedure  – Remove as much excess wax as you can with a bone scraper and vacuum thoroughly  – Place absorbent paper (brown paper bag) over the wax. Terry cloth is also effective  – Place an iron on […]

Mustard Stains

Mustard Stains Mustard is difficult to remove because it is a “Disperse Dye”. Disperse dye particles are held to the surface of the fiber by friction and strong electrical forces. This means that if you encounter a mustard spot, do not guarantee you will be able to completely remove the stain. There may be times […]

Plant Stains

  Spotting – Plant Stains   Introduction   Plant stains can be a combination of several components. As a plant is overwatered it will run out of the pot and onto the carpet, saturating the carpet beneath. On its way through the potting soil the water can pick up all sorts of minerals, soils, and […]

Recurring Spot

  Spotting – Recurring Spot Introduction There are three main reasons that a spot will return. Wicking from backing due to over wetting or slow dring Residue from your spotting agent Residue from an oily or sticky spill All three of the circumstances need to be considered when spotting, and prevented, to eliminate the chance […]


Spotting – Rust Introduction This stain is a reddish-brown  that will come in all shapes and sizes and is very common to the on-location carpet cleaner. It is caused by metal reacting to oxygen when moisture is present.   Procedure – Step 1 – Apply T-Rust directly to the spot Step 2 – Agitate with […]

Shoe Polish Stains

Shoe Polish Stains Introduction The stain can be any color, oily in appearance, not stiff, and may appear as a smear or smudge. On upholstery it can usually be found along the lower front panel and on skirts/aprons.   Procedure –  PASTE TYPE    Composed of waxes, resins, solvents, and oil-soluble dye.  LIQUID TYPE    […]