Gum Removal

Spotting – Gum

Chewing gum can create a sticky mess on tables or in carpets! These tips will help carpet cleaners remove it quickly. For a few spots, use a GumGetter, Gel Break or GumBreak. For large amounts, use a GumBlaster wand if you have a truckmount which generates heat over 170 degrees F. The hotter, the better. In both cases, you will need to determine what agitation the carpet fiber can endure without damage.

Procedure –

With GumGetter

Step 1 – Break into the surface of gum with GumGetter

Step 2 – Apply Gel Break or GumBreak to surface. Give adequate dwell time.

Step 3 – Work GumGetter back and forth until it is loosened.

Step 4 – Repeat if necessary


With GumBlaster

Step 1 – Heat up Truckmount and pretest in an inconspicuous area to see if heat and 300 psi of pressure will harm carpet fiber

Step 2 – Direct the spray of your GumBlaster under closest edge of gum and work tool away from you, peeling up as you go

Step 3 – Agitate remaining residue with GumGetter and Gel Break or GumBreak. The regular residue will be removed during normal cleaning.

Helpful Hint: You may use Gel Break or GumBreak to highlight gum spots, since the white gel helps the spots stand out on carpets, for either method for subsequent removal.

Caution – Aggressive agitation with either method can damage carpet fibers



Type: Citrus solvent in gel form

Highlights: In gel form to allow more dwell time on spots without running into backing. Very safe.



Type: Gelled citrus spotter

Highlights: Solvent based, designed specifically for gum



Type: Gum removal tool

Highlights: Provides tremendous agitation for easy gum removal



Description:  High volume air mover

Purpose: Dries carpet, upholstery & structures quickly

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Download PDF

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