Plant Stains

plant stains

Plant Stains


Plant stains can be a combination of several components. As a plant is overwatered it will run out of the pot and onto the carpet, saturating the carpet beneath. On its way through the potting soil the water can pick up all sorts of minerals, soils, and dyes that can be difficult to remove. To make the situation worse, if the potted plant is in a basket the water can pick up tannin and additional dyes.

The worst part about plant stains is the fact that the water will remain under the pot for extended periods, providing an excellent growth medium for mold. The mold will do more than stain the fibers, It can actually eat away at the fibers of the carpet and backing, assuming that there is anything organic to be consumed.

Once the plant is removed and you are asked to remove the stain it may be too late to do a really effective job. Be sure to qualify the situation with the customer and do not offer guarantees.



  1. Apply Avenge Pro.
  2. Agitate lightly but thoroughly.
  3. Rinse and get as dry as possible.
  4. Apply Stain Zone agitate lightly and allow to dry. Stain will gradually disappear.

Caution – The products described above may have bleaching capabilities. It is the responsibility of the technician to determine the suitability of the product for the stain and fabric


Products Required

Download PDF
Download PDF


Type: Synergistic action spotter

Highlights: Safely and effectively removes all types of spots, spills, and stains



Type: Single product spotter

Highlights: Works by removing, oxidizing or making invisible previously permanent stains


Courtesy of BridgePoint Spot & Stain Guide


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