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  • Hardwood Floors, Cabinets, Furniture
  • Serves as the wear coat and protects the original finish

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WOOD FINISH SEMI GLOSS is designed to be used as a preservation finish over an existing urethane finish over a hardwood floor. It is a low solid blend of urethane and acrylic so that it can be easily applied over a urethane finish after a thorough cleaning and a properly prepared base finish. The base finish can be prepared by the extraction or abrasive cleaning method. This preservation finish serves as the wear coat and protects the original finish of the floor. Apply the finish immediately after the extraction cleaning system is finished. A second coat of finish is optional for the extraction cleaning system. Apply the finish about an hour after the abrasion cleaning system is completed. The abrasion cleaning system leaves the hardwood floor damp making it necessary to dry time of about an hour. A second coat of finish is necessary for the abrasion cleaning system.

To apply, use terry cloth covers and a finish applicator. Once a floor has dried naturally for approximately 45 minutes, a second coat of finish is then applied and also allowed to dry naturally. The end result is a clean, refinished and rejuvenated wood floor and a happy customer.

Available Sizes

BP-CW032GL▪  1 gal. 

Product Specifications

• Form: Liquid
• RTU pH: 7.8

Hard Surface

Manufacturer Info

Apply Preservation Finish

  • With customer approval, choose Wood Finish Semi Gloss or Satin Finish.
  • The finish may be applied with a flat mop using either a clean cotton terry cloth cover or a microfiber cover. 30 minutes prior to applying the finish, the container should be gently rocked to mix the ingredients.
  • Start in the furthest area from your exit. Apply a small amount of finish in a 4 or 5 foot area, spreading it thinly and uniformly as you work your way back toward the exit door.
  • If a second coat is desired, allow one hour before applying.

Additional information

Weight 8.3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 12 in


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