Deodorization TRC

A carpet cleaners resource and guide to deodorization .  Tips including general odor, urine, & skunk odor removal.

For more specific deodorization tips check the SPECIALTY section.

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Kill Odor Plus By Chemspec

Kill Odor Plus By Chemspec 1 Gallon      Kill Odor Plus By Chemspec KILLS ODORS — knocks out urine & other odor sources, great for institutions & restaurants. One step cleaning & deodorizing!

3 Step Odor Removal

3 Step Odor Removal You can depend on ProRestore’s time-proven solutions to ensure successful odor removal — without callbacks! STEP 1 Suppression spray Rapidly reduce odor sources by applying ODORx™ 9-D-9 odor counteract-ant with a compression sprayer. The solution must come in direct contact with all contaminated surfaces that could be a source of odor. […]