Leather Identification

Leather Identification Introduction It is critical to understand the type of leather before attempting to [...]

Carpet Fiber Identification and Construction

Carpet Fiber Identification and Construction Introduction Carpet Fiber Identification is important to understand.  The fiber [...]

Fast Track Upholstery System

Fast Track Upholstery System Introduction The Fast Track Upholstery System is designed to allow the [...]

Dominator PreSpray by Cleaner’s Choice

DOMINATOR  PreSpray By Cleaner’s Choice 1 Gallon          Traffic – Lane Cleaner [...]

Browning Or Yellowing Carpet

Browning or Yellowing Carpet Introduction Browning or yellowing is a color change on fibers that [...]

Berber Carpet

Berber Carpet Introduction Berber carpets have fiber tufts designed in a loop manner rather than [...]

Used Thermo-Gen VF Fogger

$1,450 Used Thermo-Gen VF Fogger The Thermo-Gen VF Fogger produces extremely fine particles that can [...]

TZ-1 Ozone Generator

International Ozone

How to Choose the Best Truckmount

Sapphire Scientific and Prochem