Browning Or Yellowing Carpet

Browning Yellowing Carpet

Browning or Yellowing Carpet


Browning or yellowing is a color change on fibers that usually occurs in the last stages of drying. It usually appears as a blotch or random dark area. The color change can range from brown to yellow to blue. Technically, true browning can only happen on cellulosic fibers. However, light colored synthetic fibers experience a similar reaction that is caused by and corrected in the same way as cellulosic browning.


Browning is caused by one or all of the following:

    • Over wetting
    • Leaving the fibers in an alkaline state
    • Slow drying
    • Presence of cellulosic material
    • Age


Prevent browning (yellowing) from occurring after cleaning by doing the following

    • Use extra drying strokes to limit your moisture
    • Treat fibers with Power Rinse (acid neutralizer) after & during cleaning
    • Dry quickly with an AIR MOVER


The following procedures are recommended by the IICRC in the S001 Standards Reference Guide Document and the appropriate Cleaner’s Choice product to be used is listed.

    • 1st Step   Spray Power Rinse over entire area
    • 2nd Step  Go over entire area with a Bonnet Machine and Microfiber
    • 3rd Step   Dry quickly with an AIR MOVER

Note: In severe browning cases, it may be necessary to lightly re-clean the area first in order to break it up and then follow the correction steps above. Remember, moisture is what caused the problem in the first place. Be careful to control your moisture.


    • Spray POWer Rinse over entire area                     
    • Go over entire area with a Bonnet  Machine and Microfiber Bonnet
    • Dry quickly with an AIR MOVER

Helpful Hints- Using the prevention methods above for all your cleaning situations will greatly reduce your callbacks. Theses methods help prevent browning, yellowing, soil wicking, bleeding, ect., in addition to preparing the carpet for protector.

Caution- Older cellulosic fibers(cotton, jute) will pose the highest risk and correction will be the most time consuming. Be sure to identify cellulosic fibers before you start. It is always easier and less costly to prevent problems before they occur 

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