Area Rugs

A carpet cleaners resource and guide to cleaning area rugs . Tips on residential & commercial area rug cleaning from Dhurrie to cotton fringes.

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Cotton Fringes

Cotton fringes are typically cleaned differently than the rest of the rug and may be the most difficult part of the rug to clean. Many cleaners charge an additional fee for the fringe. The linear-foot method of pricing is most common. Cotton Fringes Procedure- Browning on area rug fringes: Mix 1/3 of a scoop of […]


  Dhurrie Area Rugs   Introduction The most important thing is to identify a Dhurrie rug. This extreme cleaning should not be done on other wool rugs. A Dhurrie rug is a flat woven rug made in India. The majority of the rug is a natural-colored wool with a simple pattern made by weaving in […]