3 Step Odor Removal

3 Step Odor Removal

3 Step Odor Removal

You can depend on ProRestore’s 3 Step Odor Removal System, time-proven solutions to ensure successful odor removal — without callbacks!

STEP 1 Suppression spray

Rapidly reduce odor sources by applying ODORx™ 9-D-9 odor counteract-ant with a compression sprayer. The solution must come in direct contact with all contaminated surfaces that could be a source of odor. This provides initial control of strong, objectionable odors so that cleanup crews can enter the area. 9-D-9 is a highly-concentrated fire and smoke odor counteract-ant that inhibits the evaporation of toxic fire-related gases on charred and smoke damaged surfaces to knock down smoke odors fast. You can also add 9-D-9 to Unsoot #1 to create an odor control barrier.

STEP 2 Neutralize odors

Apply ODORx C.O.C. It’s an effective easy-to-use absorbent crystal that you sprinkle in affected areas (indoors). When exposed to air, its time-release essential oils and evaporative control agents immediately start to neutralize odors. Cherry C.O.C. works especially well for controlling smoke odor from fires involving wood, paper and synthetics such as plastic and rubber.

STEP 3 Thermal fog

Fogging sends tiny droplets of a deodorization solution into the same crevices where smoke and odors go. Use a thermal fogger with products like ODORx Thermo-2000 (use Electro-Gen™ 2000C) or Thermo-55 (use the Electro-Gen or Thermo-Gen™ VF), then be sure to ventilate the treatment area thoroughly before re-occupying the space to continue with the any cleaning, drying and repairs that are required for the remainder of the restoration project.


Seems simple — get rid of the odor source and you get rid of the odor. But getting to the source can be challenging. Odors exist in 3 places — surface deposits, airborne gases and hard-to-reach surfaces where gases travel. If you don’t address all three of these, the residue continues to emit unpleasant odors. That’s why to combat this, you need to clean properly then employ our proven 3-step approach.

Always refer to product labels and User Guides for application instructions. Most importantly, this system can help you be the hero and succeed where others have tried and failed. Communicate to customers that the system is a proven multifaceted approach from ProRestore, the long-time industry leader in odor control solutions.

Thanks to Legend Brands 3-Step Odor Removal System


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