Rust Removal

Spotting – Rust


This stain is a reddish-brown  that will come in all shapes and sizes and is very common to the on-location carpet cleaner. It is caused by metal reacting to oxygen when moisture is present.


Procedure –

Step 1 – Apply T-Rust directly to the spot

Step 2 – Agitate with a Spotting Brush Give 1-2 minutes of dwell time if needed

Step 3 – Extract chemical from the fibers using extraction machine

Step 4 – Repeat steps 1-3 if rust color is still present

Step 5 – Rinse with water from your extraction machine

Step 6 – Neutralize with a mist of Power Rinse

Step 7 – Dry quickly with an Air Mover


Note : Removal does not actually result in the removal of the reacting metals; rather, it changes the color to clear. It is not necessary to educate the customer on this fact.




Type: Rust Remover

Highlights: A remover that contains no harsh acids. Non-corrosive & non-polluting



Type: Conditioner/ Neutralizer

Highlights: Prevents wicking, browning and yellowing. Removes alkaline residue.



Description:  High volume air mover

Purpose: Dries carpet, upholstery & structures quickly

Download PDF
Download PDF

Rust can make its way to carpet from leaky windows, wet toys, or furniture, and it can be hard to get out once it sets in!


Courtesy of Bridgepoint Spot & Stain Guide


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