Melted Wax

Melted Wax Removal

Spotting – Melted Wax


The following will work for melted wax from candles, crayons, and paraffin.


    1.  – Remove as much excess wax as you can with a bone scraper and vacuum thoroughly
    2.  – Place absorbent paper (brown paper bag) over the wax. Terry cloth is also effective
    3.  – Place an iron on top of the paper and melt the wax onto paper.  Never put the iron above ‘wool’ setting as this will damage fibers
    4.  – As wax melts into the paper, slowly move the paper to a clean spot
    5.  – Continue till no more wax is absorbed into the paper
    6.  – Apply Solvent Clean to the spot and dry vacuum
    7.  – If a little color or residue is left, apply Avenge Spotter
    8.  – Rinse and extract
    9.  – Neutralize with Power Rinse
    10.  – Dry quickly


NOTE: This is the most efficient and effective way to remove most wax stains; however, occasionally you may need to use a stronger solvent like All Solv in the final steps of removal.

Suggested Products



  • Type: Multi-Purpose Volatile Dry Solvent
  • Highlights:Excellent spotter for solvent based stains. Will not set stain or create a barrier while cleaning.


  • Type: Neutral spotter
  • Highlights: The ultimate spotting chemical. Removes most water-based stains and many oil-based stains.


  • Type: Conditioner/ Neutralizer
  • Highlights: Prevents wicking, browning and yellowing. Removes alkaline residue.


  • Type:  Dry Solvent
  • Purpose: Excellent spotter for  wide range of stains. All Solv evaporates completely, leaving no resoiling residue.
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Download PDF

Courtesy of Bridgepoint Spot & Stain Guide

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