Recurring Spot

Recurring Spot


Spotting – Recurring Spot


There are three main reasons that a spot will return.

  1. Wicking from backing due to over wetting or slow dring
  2. Residue from your spotting agent
  3. Residue from an oily or sticky spill

All three of the circumstances need to be considered when spotting, and prevented, to eliminate the chance of a recurring spot coming back. If you follow procedures outlined in various spotting guides, chances are you will not have a problem. If you do have a spot return, the below steps will help you take care of the problem.



Step 1 – Rinse the spot free of any other chemical that may be left behind from a previous spotting attempt.

Step 2 – Wet the area heavily with Avenge. Plan to use enough product to wet the carpet and the backing. This will dissolve residues all the way to the padding. You may add a little bit of water to ensure complete saturation.

Step 3 – Extract the entire area using the Flash Spotter.

Step 4 – Repeat steps 2 & 3 as needed until the spot is completely gone.

Step 5 – Spray a light mist of Power Rinse over the area and buff with towel, or dry vac with extraction machine.

Step 6 – Quick Dry with an Air Mover

Helpful Hints: The best advice is to not let this happen in the first place. Finding out the nature of a stain before cleaning, and controlling moisture, pH, & drying time will help greatly in preventing the “phantom reappearing spot”.

Caution: Do not use this procedure with solvents. If you allow solvent base chemicals to get into the backing of the carpet you can cause delamination of the carpet and end up with a worse problem that you started with.










Type: Neutral spotter

Highlights: The ultimate spotting chemical. Removes most water-based stains and many oil-based stains.


water claw flash spotter


Description: Sub-Surface Spot Lifter

Highlights:Extracts water & chemical from carpet, Backing & pad.

Power Rinse, Recurring spot









Type: Conditioner/ Neutralizer

Highlights: Prevents wicking, browning and yellowing. Removes alkaline residue.


F451 DRI-POD 800x800



Description:  High volume air mover

Purpose: Dries carpet, upholstery & structures quickly

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