Wool Upholstery

Wool Upholstery 


Wool is not often found in upholstery. It is a warm fabric and can be uncomfortable next to skin. When you see wool upholstery fabric, it is generally in commercial settings such a professional offices. There are a few things that you need to be careful of when cleaning wool.

  • Fiber Distortion
  • Damage from long-term exposure to high alkaline chemicals
  • Color Loss
  • Shrinkage

These problems can be avoided easily by pre-testing. 

Testing Procedures

Test for shrinkage by marking a 2-inch square with straight pins. Clean the square and dry it. Measure it again. If it has shrunk, you can determine how much the fabric will shrink by calculating the percentage of shrinkage in the square. If significant shrinkage is likely to take place, you should clean with dry-cleaning solvents. Luckily, almost all wool fabrics are pre-shrunk from the mill and shrinkage is rarely a problem.

Keeping the pH of the cleaning solutions close to neutral can prevent both of the other problems (alkaline damage & color loss) This is accomplished with the procedures and formulas below. 

Cleaning Procedures

Step 1 – Test for shrinkage and color loss

Step 2 – Test for cleaning effectiveness by cleaning a small area

Step 3 – Vacuum thoroughly 

Step 4 – Pre-spray with Power O

Step 5 – Extract with Power Rinse

Step 6 – Protect with Stain Blocker 5:1

Step 7 – Dry quickly using Air Movers

Helpful Hint – 

Boost customer satisfaction and profits by applying protector after cleaning. Cleaning of wool and other natural fabrics should be priced higher than synthetic due to the additional risk, value of the item, & expertise necessary.


Products Needed


Type: Prespray

Highlights: Preconditions fine fabrics or upholstery



Type: Conditioner/ Neutralizer 

Highlights: Prevents wicking, browning and yellowing. Removes alkaline residue. 

Download PDF wool upholstery
Download PDF



Type: Protector

Highlights: Protector that repels all types of soils



Description:  High volume air mover

Purpose: Dries carpet, upholstery & structures quickly 

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