Velvet Upholstery


Velvet upholstery can be made from several types of fibers. There are a few fibers that clean very easily. A short Olfin or acrylic cleans easily and requires almost no grooming. Velvets that are made from cotton or nylon require extensive grooming procedures and the higher the pile of the velvet the more grooming is required. 



To determine the proper chemical formula to use, burn test the fabric and use the appropriate chemical formula for that fiber. In some cases velvets may need to be dry-cleaned.

Always do a cleaning test in an inconspicuous area to determine the suitability of your procedures and your chemical formulas.


Special Procedures – 

Step 1 – Always work the velvet in the direction of the nap rather than against it. This includes vacuuming, brush agitation and extraction

Step 2 – Initial Grooming – Immediately after cleaning each section, you should groom the velvet in the direction of the nap. In other words brush it down. DO NOT try to brush against the nap while it is wet.

Step 3 – Dry the fabric completely – With proper planning and equipment, you can generally have the velvet dry and groomed before you leave, avoiding return trips for grooming.

Step 4 – Final grooming – Once the fabric is dry, groom the pile against the nap using a Brass Velvet Brush. This will lift and separate the fibers and bring back the soft feel.

Step 5 – Apply Stain Blocker 5:1 protector





Description:  Brush

Purpose: Groom and set the nap of fine velvets with no texture damage 



Type: Prespray

Highlights: Preconditions fine fabrics or upholstery



Type: Conditioner/ Neutralizer 

Highlights: Prevents wicking, browning and yellowing. Removes alkaline residue. 



Type: Protector

Highlights: Protector that repels all types of soils



Download PDF
Download PDF



  1. Fiber Identification
  2. Pre-inspect and pre-test
  3. Pre-spray with POWer “O”
  4. Extract with Power Rinse
  5. Neutralize with a mist of Power Rinse
  6. Protect with Stain Blocker 5:1
  7. Set the nap with a brass velvet brush

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