Upholstered Wall

Upholstered Wall


Upholstered walls take several forms. They may be done by gluing upholstered fabric directly to the walls, or by upholstering the walls with batting behind the fabric and only the edges are actually fastened to the wall. The possible variations are numerous so we will concentrate on principals that you should apply to your situation.

Problems you can face with upholstered walls are:

  • Release of the adhesive
  • Shrinking of the fabric. This is normally not a problem with fabrics glued to the wall unless the adhesive releases
  • Determining the proper solution for the fabric and the adhesive
  • Watermarks on delicate fabrics. Many times walls are upholstered in delicate fabrics that are prone to watermarks. It is important to clean and dry the fabric evenly so that you don’t have watermarks drying on the fabric



  • Determine the fiber content, if possible, in order to determine the proper cleaning solution and procedure. This is often difficult if there are no spare scraps of material that you can test.
  • If fiber is undeterminable, utilize the safest procedure and cleaning solution and pretest in an inconspicuous area. If the test is successful, continue with that method.
  • Always use the gentlest method possible that will still be effective on the fabric.



  1. Fiber identification
  2. Test for color loss
  3. Vacuum thoroughly
  4. Prespray with Power “O”
  5. Extract with Power Rinse
  6. Protect with Stain Blocker 5:1
  7. Dry


Helpful Hint – 

  • Cleaning upholstered walls will often require ladders, scaffolds or other equipment. Be sure that you are trained in the use of the equipment and practice safety procedures.
  • Upholstered walls include office panel systems. There is a lot of profit to be made in cleaning these cubicle walls.

Products Needed


Type: Prespray

Highlights: Preconditions fine fabrics or upholstery



Type: Conditioner/ Neutralizer 

Highlights: Prevents wicking, browning and yellowing. Removes alkaline residue. 



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Type: Cleaning Additive

Highlights: Brightens dingy traffic lanes, removes water marks, corrects browning



Type: Shampoo

Highlights: Revitalizes and brightens a wide variety of fabrics. Very aggressive neutral pH cleaner.



Type: Protector

Highlights: Protector that repels all types of soils

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