BAD ODOR BLOCK By Odor X / Legend Brands


Bad Odor Blocks are useful in several different areas including:

  • Automobiles
  • Duct system registers
  • Furnace plenums
  • Intakes of carpet dryers to control odor during drying process
  • Small rooms and closets

Also available by the CASE (Qty 25 in cart) 


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Bad Odor Block Lemon Lime  is a simple, convenient method to quickly suppress odors in virtually any location. Available in a wide variety of pleasant scents, the natural wicking block starts dispensing when the sealed package is opened. The Bad Odor Block media holds more than three times its weight in active ingredients for long lasting deodorization.


Place Bad Odor Blocks in vents, ducts, airmovers, automobiles – anywhere odor control is required

Available in Apple, Vanilla, and Lemon-lime scents.


Manufacturer Info

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Application: Strategically place in small room or closet, furnace plenum or duct system register, in the auto or wherever a fresher environment is desirable. Attach to intake of carpet dryer to control wet carpet odor during the drying process. See label for additional instructions.

Note: Because the deodorizer has oily components, be sure to use the block only in areas where contact with an oil will not cause damage. The oil might soften or discolor certain paints, for example.


1. Select the location to place the Bad Odor Block and be sure the area is clean. Also be sure that pets and children will not have
access to the Block.
2. Place the Bad Odor Block in the area to be treated Avoid areas where there could be open flames or sources of ignition. Avoid
placing the block on surfaces that might be damaged or discolored by oils. These surfaces include painted, varnished and plastic
3. To control the amount of deodorant emitted by the block and also to extend the life of the block, try these tips:

  • Snip off a corner of the package. Later, when the scent is reduced, cut off a larger portion of the package. Wrap a rubber band
    around the package to make sure the block doesn’t fall out.
  • Poke a few holes in the package to control the release of scent. When the scent is reduced, poke a few more holes in the
  • Airflow and temperature also influences the amount of scent released. If the deodorizing scent becomes too strong, reposition
    the block in an area of lower air flow or lower temperature or remove the block.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 1 in
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