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Hand held groomer  for stairs, automobile carpet, fringes on orientals



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The handi groom is an all-purpose hand held groomer  for stairs, automobile carpet, fringes on orientals and many other uses. The special “”Spatula”” on the handle can be used to scoop up excess spillage and residue when spotting.

Smaller version of the Grandi Groom.  Simply apply the carpet prespray of your choosing and move the HANDI GROOM in quick back and forth actions to agitate soiled carpet and traffic lanes while loosening embedded dirt, allowing the carpet prespray to get down deep to the base of the fibers.

The Grandi Groom carpet agitating and grooming rake is used by more professional carpet cleaners than any other tool like it, mainly due to its effective, multipurpose usage.

The Grandi Groom carpet rake is a versatile tool that is used by Professional Carpet Cleaners worldwide.


Manufacturer Info

  • Effective for dusting and lifting the nap of delicate draperies and fabric wall coverings.
  • This all-purpose hand held carpet rake can be used to clean stairs, automobile carpet, fringes on oriental rugs upholstery and much more.
  • Light-weight hand brush is perfect to lift carpet on stairs that get matted and in tight places. Helps keep carpeted stair steps looking great between vacuums.
  • Also excellent for restoring the appearance and texture of high pile area rugs, rug fringes, frieze carpet, even sweaters.
  • Compact and handy, but strong enough for stubborn dirt. Unbeatable when used with Perky Spotter®.
  • Restores the appearance and texture of such items as high-pile area rugs, velvet upholstery, sweaters, rug fringes.
  • Also combs and unravels knotted mops, wet or dry!
  • Specially designed nylon tines safely flick embedded dirt and pet hair to the surface for vacuuming. This action helps to release stubborn soil from upholstery fabric, too.
  • “Handi” describes this unique tool, an all-purpose groomer for your needs.
  • Handi-Groom is a pile conditioner for carpeting on stairs and in tight places.
  • Trigger-grip handle is designed for firm control in confined areas. Small enough to fit in your back pocket.
  • Specially styled to loosen and extract pet hair and small soil particles trapped deep in carpeting.
  • Lifts and extracts lodged pet hair and yarn clippings.



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