P.O.G.  By Cleaner’s Choice

1 Gallon

A specially blended paint, oil and grease remover.

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Product Description

POG (GAL) A specially blended paint, oil and grease remover.  Gently lift stubborn stains out of carpet, upholstery and other textile surfaces  since they were not effectively removed in the normal cleaning process. P.O.G. leaves a pleasant banana fragrance while removing stains instantly.

Also use as pre-spray for upholstery cleaning.


Quick Acting – Economical – Pleasant Fragrance – Removes Stubborn Stains – Easy-to-Use



To remove spots from carpet and upholstery: Apply P.O.G. full strength using a white cloth. After treating clean area with a quality detergent to ensure that there is no P.O.G. residue on surface.
Allow the area to air dry. To use as a fabric pre-spray: dilute the P.O.G. 16oz. per gallon of hot water and shake the diluted product frequently. To remove stubborn wax (lipstick), paint, gums, etc.:
Apply P.O.G. full strength under the residue. Use a dull tool to scrape up the material being removed.
Note: P.O.G. will soften latex backings if over applied. Always pretest
fabric for color fastness.


Additional information

Weight6.75 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 12 in


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