BONE DRY ENCAP By Harvard Chemical

1 Gallon

  • Fast-Drying Encapsulating Action
  • Long-Term Results
  • Works on a Variety of Carpet



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Product Description

Bone Dry is a highly effective low moisture cleaner for carpets and rugs including 5th generation nylon. Bone Dry contains special polymers that engulf and encapsulate dirt, detergent residue and other soils, dries into brittle non- sticky crystals.  The crystal and entrapped soils are easily removed by routine vacuuming.

Available Sizes
 HC1800-04▪ 1 gal. 
Product Specifications
• Form: Liquid
• RTU pH: 9

Fast-Drying Encapsulating Action

Bone Dry is formulated with a unique blend of emulsifiers that break down dirt, grease, oil, food residues, and even “wicked back” stains. Special polymers then go to work to engulf and encapsulate dirt, detergent residues, and other soils before drying into brittle, non-sticky crystals.

The crystalline solids are easily removed by routine vacuuming, leaving carpet clean, dry, and residue-free. Treated carpets can be returned back to service quickly, ensuring minimal down-time and interference.

Long-Term Results

Bone Dry prevents fiber re-soiling from sticky residues. It also prevents “wick back” of spots. Carpets cleaned with Bone Dry look clean and stay cleaner longer, resulting in happier customers.

Works on a Variety of Carpet

Bone Dry can be used on all types of synthetic carpets and rugs, including 5th Generation nylon. It can be mixed with hot water or cold water for great results.

Versatile—Works As a Spotter!

Bone Dry can also be used for spot-treating stubborn stains and spills throughout the facility, making it easy for you to maintain high productivity levels and minimize down-time for your customer.


For cleaning: Dilute 8 ounces of Bone Dry per gallon of water.

  1. Cleaning solution may be applied with a pump-up sprayer or traditional shampoo shower feed.
  2. Agitate the carpet using a low-speed floor machine with shampoo brush or a white rubberized floor buffing pad or any other comparable rotating brush. (Pay attention to carpet manufacturer’s general cleaning guidelines to retain carpet quality and any warranty in effect).
  3. Carpet will normally dry within 30 minutes.
  4. Wait at least overnight before vacuuming to allow adequate time for the polymers to fully cure and harden.

Spotter: Bone Dry may also be used as a spotter when diluted 1:5 with water.

Additional information

Weight9.1 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 12 in


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